Now, Drone cameras will count snow leopards.

The survey was completed with the patrolling of snow leopards in the high Himalayan areas of Pandit Govind Ballabh Pant Wildlife and National Park in Uttarkashi district in Uttarakhand. The survey did not reveal snow leopards, but their foot prints and feces have been found.

The survey teams are caught in snowfall before they reach base camp. The forest department will now use the help of drone cameras to detect the presence of snow leopards. High quality cameras will also be installed to trap leopards.
Snow leopards are present in the higher Himalayan regions. These include the Rupin, Supin and Sankari ranges of the higher Himalayan region of Uttarkashi district. For the first time, the forest department started a survey to count snow leopards from November 2.

A team of 80 people was built by making eight grids in all three ranges. The survey has been completed on 25 December. In the first week of December itself, teams got foot prints and feces of snow leopards in Rupin and Sankari.

Teams have not yet reached base camp:
The feces have been sent to the Indian Wildlife Research Institute in Dehradun for DNA test. The teams are yet to reach base camp. Due to snowfall, the higher Himalayan regions are trapped, but are safe. The teams are Wildlife Wing, Secure Himalaya NGO, Indian Wildlife Research Institute, Sheep Foster.

Park’s deputy director Komal Singh said that the central government has given permission for snow leopards to be calculated by drone cameras. Soon snow will be counted in the Rupin, Supin and Sankari range from drones. According to the Deputy Director, high quality cameras will also be installed to trap the leopards.

Footprints and faeces of snow leopards have found strong evidence of their presence. However, the teams did not see leopards. They will now be counted with drone cameras in the park’s high Himalayan regions.
– Komal Singh, Deputy Director Park

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