Supreme Court Cleared the Way for Construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya

The controversy over the Ram Janmabhoomi has finally ended today, after many years of struggle, the court finally gave its verdict, there is an atmosphere of happiness among all the people about this decision. The top five decisions have been pronounced. The Supreme Court has said that Ramlala’s claim on the disputed 2 acres of land in Ayodhya is Nirmohi Arena and Sunni. Buff of Delhi has rejected. He said that the basis of this decision is not faith but law. He told that the Muslim side will be given an alternative place to build a mosque. For this, they have been ordered to be given 5 acres of land. According to the historical travelogue, it has been said that for centuries there has been a belief that Ayodhya has been the birthplace of Ram, the Supreme Court also said that S. Whatever evidence the SI found after digging at the relevant site, it is evident from the evidence that the land is the birthplace of Ram. In another case, the constitution bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan held a hearing for 40 days.

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