Uttarakhand: Sunshine blossoms in the hilly areas, clouds surround the plains.

Today there is sunshine in the mountainous regions of Uttarakhand, while there is a fog in the plains. Due to cold wave, there is freezing cold across the state. On Thursday, the temperature of the night can decrease by about half a degree. Weather Center Director Bikram Singh said that the weather will remain clear in all areas. Light fog may also occur in some areas.
A thick fog enveloped Rudraprayag in the morning. It was followed by sunshine. But the cold wave continues due to cold wave. The weather remains pleasant in Kedarnath. The weather in Dehradun also remained bad in the morning. However, later the sun blossomed. Earlier, there was a fog in the capital city of Doon on Wednesday night. There is a thick fog in Haridwar since morning. Outbreak of cold due to sunlight has increased. Sunshine is mild in Almora. Jaspur has a fog shadow. Due to which cold has increased. Rudrapur is cloudy. Fog enveloped the second day in Kashipur. The cold has increased here too.

Forecast: Cold will increase continuously till 29
Pantnagar University Meteorologist Dr. RK Singh said that by December 29, the cold will increase continuously. There will be fog in the morning and evening on Thursday. Partial sunshine may occur in the afternoon. At the same time, the State Meteorological Center has forecast fog and cold days in Haridwar and Udhamsingh Nagar in the next 24 hours while hilly areas are likely to be frosted elsewhere.

Operation of fog-bound trains also affected
Operation of trains and buses is being affected due to fog. Five buses of Delhi route, three buses of Punjab and one bus of Lucknow route arrived at Rudrapur depot on Wednesday late by about three hours. The Tiger Express also arrived late on Wednesday for about four hours.

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