State Government Confirms Sumadi Campus for NIT ….

The Nainital High Court has continued the hearing of the case on Friday after hearing a PIL filed in the NIT Campus at Sumadi, Srinagar. In the court, the state government and Sumadi villagers said that Sumadi is a suitable place for NIT.

Now the central government will present its side in this. During the hearing, it was said on behalf of the government that he had done a geological investigation of that land several times. Buildings have also been constructed by the state government after spending crores of rupees. Despite this, efforts are being made to shift it from the Central Government. The livelihood and future of the employees working in the institute are also connected to it, so the institution should not be shifted.
The case was heard by video conference sing before the bench of Chief Justice Ramesh Ranganathan and Justice RC Khulbe. According to the case, Jasvir, an alumnus of NIT Srinagar (Pauri), had filed a PIL saying that it has been nine years since the institute was made but it could not get permanent campus status.
The petition said that students have been demanding this for a long time, but the government is not paying any attention. At present, the building where the student is, is completely dilapidated, there can be a big accident anytime. Following the hearing of the parties, the High Court bench has also continued hearing the case on Friday.



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