11 thousand students are leaving their studies.

After the eighth grade in the government schools of the state, about 11 thousand students per one lakh students are dropping out in the middle. The number of female students is more in drop outs in secondary classes. The government is also concerned about this situation. The Education Department will appeal to parents to send children back to school. Education Secretary R Meenakshi Sundaram will send a letter to parents urging them not to stop their education.

The number of students in government schools has been steadily declining over the years. A worrying aspect of this also comes in the form of increasing drop outs in secondary classrooms. Among children enrolled in government schools from class one to eighth, the dropout rate is 3.64 percent.

After the eighth ie, the number of drop outs from ninth onwards is increasing to around 10.94 percent. Most of the school dropouts are from Champawat district. It is followed by Almora in second place. Apart from this, the least number of children are dropping out in Dehradun district. The figure in this district is 5.38 percent. At the same time, Education Secretary R Meenakshi Sundaram says that the students are the most among those who drop out in the middle. Apart from this, parents will also be motivated to prevent female students from school after the eighth grade. On behalf of them, a letter is being sent to parents to send back drop out children to school.

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