Science-based steps to Reduce Fat

When we talk about fat loss or cutting fat, undoubtedly our diet is the most significant factor which we need to plan correctly. No matter how consistent our training might if we don’t have a proper nutrition strategy, we will not be seeing the results that we are looking forward to. 

 People fail at this, and to be honest, we can’t blame them, because they have been bombarded with the `best` fat-burning methods. Therefore people find it extremely confusing which path to take. One important thing to know is that every one of these fat loss diets works the same way. They need you to eat a caloric deficit diet. This means that you will need to consume fewer calories than you burn daily. 

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 Whether you are following the Keto Diet, intermittent fasting, or whatever, these diets do have special psychological and physiological benefits but none of them have any special kind of fat loss effect. They make you reduce your fat by making you eat lesser calories. So, yes, you can even lose weight on your favorite meal, but you need to be consistent in remembering below your daily caloric output. 

 Let us look at some of the important points to keep in mind for fat loss: 


 If you are looking forward to maximizing your fat loss and minimizing your muscle loss, then you will need to pay attention to how many calories you are consuming. According to research, a moderate calorie deficit can help you lose as many as 0.7 percent of your body’s fat every week. Don’t try an aggressive calorie deficit diet as this might only hinder it in the long run. Also, keep in mind that your goal is FAT loss rather than WEIGHT loss. You might not be looking for a skinny physique with little or no muscle. 

 Therefore, keep in mind to first calculate your daily caloric output. And every time you take a meal, calculate its caloric value. 


 Protein is the most important macronutrient that you might want to keep a track of. According to research, it has a major role in maintaining muscle, while we are in a calorie deficit. How much protein an individual should consume has been a highly debated topic, but a meta-analysis was done in 2018, from the Journal of Sports and Magazine, one should take at least 0.73 grams of protein for every pound of their body weight if they are looking to maximize muscle growth and maintenance. 

 Incorporating Strength Training:-

 If you include strength training in your daily routine, it will certainly be helpful in accelerating fat loss. Growing your muscles can be helpful in reducing body and belly fat, and will also increase the calories burnt during the rest. Therefore, in order to gain muscle, firstly the muscle needs to be broken down. Strength training is one of the most powerful ways that can help in this because it utilizes the strength to challenge and for building muscles. You can always change your exercises at the gym with cardio, heavyweight and bodyweight exercises.

 Eat `Healthy` Fats:-

 Yes, in order to lose fat first you need to consume fat. A low-fat diet doesn’t boost health, but if the food contains healthier fats then the weight gain would be smaller relative to the low-fat diet. More focus must be placed on unsaturated fats such as nuts, avocados, olives, and vegetable oils. Like protein and carbohydrates, there are many other good and bad sources of fat. 

 Avoid Sugar:-

 Because of the higher sugar content if you have removed chocolates, fruits, soda, candy, etc from your diet then you still need to worry about your salad dressing, cereals, yogurt, and even bread also. These foods may contain sugar. Food producing companies mostly add sugar to their products so that the customers keep coming for more. So you may need to pay heed in your diet to these deceptive forms of sugar because they can add up unknowingly into your diet. Several studies have also proved that if you consume too much sugar, then the result will be increased fat, especially in the liver and stomach region. 

 Consume more fiber:-

 Often individuals cut a whole category out of their diet, including carbs in an effort to reduce weight. However, they are not conscious of the fact that all carbs are not produced equally unlike proteins and fats. Sources that are rich in fibers can be added to the diet instead of removing carbs. Many types of research have proven that the increase of fiber in your daily diet can contribute to the reduction of weight loss and calorie consumption. When fiber passes through our digestive tract it collects water and develops a structure close to that of a gel. This results in a decrease in calories and carbohydrates in our bodies. That’s why seeking to eat products that are rich in fiber; oatmeal’s, apples, lentils, berries, etc can also be added. Or you can also try White Bean Chili because it is known for rich in fiber.



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