State’s transport system crumbles, passengers traveling by roadways buses are facing many problems.

Uttarakhand: To bring the bad transport system back on track, the state government had included 150 new buses in the fleet of the Transport Corporation, but the investigation of Central Institute of Road Transport Pune found technical flaws in the new buses of Uttarakhand Roadways, after which The Transport Department has sent all new buses back from its fleet. Due to which the transport system of the state has collapsed, after the return of new buses, it has had a major impact on the transport service operated from Kumaon division. After the departure of about 50 new buses from Mandal, the transport system operating from different depots of Mandal has also collapsed. The biggest impact of this is seen on buses going from Haldwani to Delhi and on the Dehradun route. Transport Corporation started transport system Haldwani to Tanakpur, Haldwani to Sikh religious place Reetha Sahib, operation of new buses on Haldwani-Noida route was special. Those who have to stop now, the passengers traveling by roadways are facing a lot of problems. With the removal of its new buses, the Transport Department has also sent 35 old buses for auction. Due to which the number of buses in Kumaon division has reduced considerably. In such a situation, passengers are forced to resort to private taxis.

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