The state government made new rules for those coming to Uttarakhand….

Dehradun – The state government has given a big relief to the people of the state. Till now, one had to upload their Kovid Negative Test Report in the Smart City Portal while entering the state. As an alternative, for the convenience of the people coming to the state, the corona test will be done on the border itself. People coming for this will have to pay themselves. If someone wants to come by uploading the report by conducting a test beforehand, then he can do so as well. In the orders issued by the Chief Secretary, it is said that this order is being issued in accordance with the guidelines issued in the unlocked 4 of the Central Government.
The district administration will make adequate arrangements for the Kovid test at the border. If the report is positive, then it will be the responsibility of the district administration to correct all other arrangements from the treatment. On coming the report negative, the person concerned will be allowed to go ahead only after following all the necessary protocols. In which social distancing and wearing masks will be necessary. If they feel ill in future, then it will be necessary to inform the concerned person immediately to the nearest hospital or district administration.


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