Stale bread has these wonderful Benefits, after knowing it, you will forget to throw stale bread.

Home cooks understand very well that no matter how much they count, stale roti has to be avoided. Next morning after seeing the box of roti, one realizes that the counting has gone wrong and the rotis are kept in the box itself. Few people feel like eating these rotis. The counting starts again. If the rotis are in large numbers, they are cut into mathris and fried, which serve as a crunchy snack, or as a snack like upma or pudding, and if the number is less, then they are used outside the house. Animals are handed over. Overall, using stale roti is no less than a brainstorm.

This is because you do not know the properties of stale roti, if you had known, you might not have been sad after seeing stale rotis, but would have been happy.
Let us tell you some such properties and uses of stale bread that you will also be shocked to hear.

stale bread is more nutritious:

You must have been surprised to read this. Stale roti is more nutritious than freshly made roti. Navbharat Times quoted Dr. Priyanka Rohatgi, Senior Consultant, Apollo Hospitals, has quoted that wheat bread gives more nutrition after 8 to 12 hours, so if some rotis are kept at night, then it will be more beneficial to eat them in the morning. . According to Dr. Rohatgi, this breakfast will be much better than Poha or Oats. In villages this trend continues even now. If you remember a little, you will know that at that time even the non-grandmothers did not hesitate to eat stale bread in the morning.

Stale roti face pack:

Make the powder of stale roti, grind this powder in a mixer so that it becomes very fine. Add sugar to this powder. If desired, add sugar while grinding in the mixer. When it is ground then add honey to it, add rose water and grind it until a paste is formed. After making a paste, apply it on the face and wash it after 25 minutes. It will prove to be more beneficial than flour paste.

Stale roti face scrub:

If the paste does not suit the skin, then its scrub can also be made. To make a scrub, grind stale rato and sugar together, add olive oil to it, if you want, you can also add coconut oil. Add a small amount of coffee powder. This scrub can be kept for a few days. Scrub the face for at least four minutes before washing your face, this scrub will also be soft for the skin.

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