Today is the last solar eclipse of the year.

Today is the last solar eclipse of the year on 26 December. Its sutak is on tomorrow (December 25) from 5.32 pm. The doors of the temples have been closed since yesterday evening. Today, after the removal of sutak, the doors of the temples will be opened by law and worship will be done. The last solar eclipse of this year will start at around 2.40 am today. The solar eclipse can be seen at different places between 8.17 am and 10.57 am. Its Sutak period started on Wednesday evening. Jyotishacharya Acharya Dr. Santosh Khanduri told that the Sutak period of eclipse will start from 5.32 pm on Wednesday evening. Sutak is not considered good for auspicious works. Therefore, the doors of all temples will remain closed during this period and there will be no prayers. After the removal of the Sutak on Thursday morning, the doors of the temples will be opened with purification and other rituals. He informed that the biggest solar eclipse will happen on June 21, 2020, which will be seen from all over.

Solar eclipse: Thursday (December 26)
Timings: 8.17 am to 10.57 am
Sutak period: 25 December at 5.32 pm

The solar eclipse will have an effect on the natives of all zodiac signs. Khandgrass solar eclipse will bring auspicious results for Cancer, Libra, Aquarius, Pisces. For other natives, it may be mixed. Astrologers said that no solar eclipse is expected to have any adverse effect on the native.

Will harm the eyes
According to the scientist at the Center of Astronomy, Kolkata, it can be dangerous to see the solar eclipse even with a naked eye. When the Moon covers the maximum parts of the Sun, even seeing it with naked eyes can cause blindness. They said that it is safe to see the use of appropriate filters such as aluminee mylar, black polymers, 14-spot shed glass, or by putting a sun shade on the white screen through a telescope.

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