The display at the intersections in the capital Dehradun will tell whether there is a jam ahead or not, yet these five places.

Dehradun– Smart City Ltd. in the capital Dehradun. 50 variable message displays will be installed on behalf of. So far, these five displays have been installed at five locations in the city. You will get this information through Variable Message Display (VMD) on the intersections, at which intersections there is a long jam and which route you can go to avoid trouble. Pollution related information will also be available through this display. Other important messages will also be displayed on these. VMD will always be associated with Doon ie ICCC. The message will always be released through Doon, which will be visible to the people through VMD. Dehradun Smart City Ltd. According to Dr. Ashish Kumar Srivastava, the CEO of VMD will always be updated through Doon to monitor traffic movements through cameras mounted on traffic signals. Along with this, other information including traffic divert will also be released from here. People will get relief from this happening.

Just planted here

1. Clock tower

2. Dilaram chowk

3. Survey chowk

4. Asharodi

5. Kishannagar chowk

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