COVID-19 Enters the Human Body Through the Nose, Mouth and Eyes, Be Aware.

New Tehri March 29, 2020- In the presence of Additional District Magistrate Shiv Charan Dwivedi, the officers / employees on duty at the District Headquarters in the District Disaster Management Office premises were given detailed information about prevention of COVID-19 (Corona virus) infection by Dr. Ankit Saini.


Dr. Saini told that COVID-19 enters the human body through the nose, mouth and eyes, which spreads when the infected person comes in contact or by touching the objects touched by the infected person.
When the infected person coughs and sneezes, the virus enters the body through the nose and mouth of the person in contact.
The virus enters the body on touching the eyes with infected hands. He said that hands should be washed repeatedly with soap and water to prevent COVID-19. If there is no availability of water, seni taser should be used.
Do not touch the face with hands. When itching occurs, use a part of the arm that has not been touched repeatedly with hands. Use the left hand to open the doors / windows.
Masks should be used only in crowded places. After wearing the mask once, it should not be lowered nor should it be held off from the front. Dispose after wearing the mask once. Social distance should be maintained by a distance of 01 or 02 meters.
In case of fever, cough and throat pain, contact the nearest doctor immediately.Deputy District Officer Fincha Ram Chauhan, DSTO Nirmal Shah, District Tourism Officer Suresh Singh Yadav and other officers / employees were present on the occasion.
Assistant District Information Officer Tehri Garhwal

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