Scholarships for Study Abroad

Scholarship for studies, scholarship for foreign education, if you want to study abroad, then read this news, get this scholarship for studying abroad.

 Scholarships for study abroad…

The number of youth is increasing rapidly in achieving higher education abroad. However, due to higher education being expensive abroad, not everyone can fulfill the dream of pursuing higher education abroad. But let us tell you that the Department of Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, offers scholarships given by foreigners through cultural / educational programs.The government is making a lot of efforts to raise the level of education, so the government keeps trying continuously to provide scholarships to poor students.

 Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarship Cambridge University (UK)

 Huawei Friendship Scholarship, China

 Wollongong, Australia

 Tata Scholarship Cornell University, New York

 India 4EU II Scholarship, Europe

These are some institutes that offer scholarships abroad. You can get scholarship under these institutes and you can complete your studies abroad.. .

Commonwealth Scholarship UK

The UK offers scholarships to Indian students for postgraduate and PhD degrees in the medical field. It is involved in many areas of the medical field. Scholarships are given for training related to project in high technology and practices.

In addition, UK provides scholarships in fields such as engineering and technology, science and agriculture. For 1 year postgraduate course, 6 months for medical training and 3 years for PhD.

Eligibility to apply

 Only applications for graduate candidates will be accepted.Candidates should be the medium of education in English.

 Humanities and social sciences should have 60 percent marks for master’s degree.

 Postgraduate degrees in medicine, engineering, technology, science and agriculture should be completed with 65 percent or above marks.

 The scholarship includes all expenses of books and literature and other costs related to air travel and other expenses related to living and eating…

Japan also offers scholarships (Japan Scholarship)

For facilitating scholarship, the Ph.D. in Japan Engineering and Technology. Offers the opportunity to do You need to study civil engineering, mechanical engineering, optical fiber communication, quality and reliability engineering, electronics and communications, robotics, laser, biotechnology, literature, Japanese studies, earthquake engineering, environmental science, architecture, aerospace engineering Can get chance.Japan Monarchy University was established in 1886–1897. After this it was renamed in Tokyo Rajshahi University 1897-1947. The University of Tokyo is a renowned university in Japan in the fields of medicine and science.

Some conditions for taking scholarship from Japan

 In Japanese language, you must take a master’s degree from a recognized institution.

 Only candidates below 35 years of age can apply for Japanese scholarship.

 Master’s degree should be with at least 60 percent marks.

 According to the scholarship, accommodation, fees and medical expenses, etc. will be included in the scholarship.

 Travel expenses will be paid by the Government of India.

 The duration of the course can be from 18 months to 2 years…

China also offers scholarships (China Scholarship)

Explain that China offers scholarships to study in the fields of literature, painting and sculpture, botany, environmental science, plant breeding and genetics, political science, silk production and agricultural science. About 80 foreign languages are being taught in different institutions of China.

Conditions for scholarship from china

 In order to do a degree in Chinese language, the candidate is required to have 2-3 years certificate in Chinese language from a recognized institution.

 According to the scholarship, accommodation, fees and medical expenses, etc. will be included in the scholarship.

 Expenses to be paid will be paid by the Government of India.

 Course duration can be from 1 year to 4 years.

 Indian citizens between 30 and 40 years of age can apply for this scholarship.

Agatha Harrison Memorial Fellowship (St. Antony’s College, Oxford)

 Agatha Harrison Memorial Scholarship is awarded for higher research in Indian history, economics and political science.

 You should have 60 percent marks at postgraduate level.

 Indian citizens of 30 to 40 years of age can apply for this scholarship.

 A minimum of 3 years of teaching experience is required at the undergraduate level.

 According to the scholarship, accommodation, fees and medical expenses, etc. will be included in the scholarship.

 Travel expenses will be paid by the Government of India.

 Its duration is one year.

Apart from this, there are many countries which are giving scholarships.Along with the above mentioned countries, countries like Israel, Mexico, Belgium are also providing scholarships. Tell you that London is one of the largest cities in the world where universities and universities


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