Cabinet Minister Satpal Maharaj warns Chinese President Xi Jinping by sending Ramayan…

Dehradun: Showing the mirror of China’s expansionary policy through the Ramayana, the Minister of Tourism, Irrigation, Culture and Religion of Uttarakhand Satpal Maharaj today sent an ancient text Ramayan to the President of China, Xi Jinping, to take lessons from the damage caused by the expansionist thinking of Ravana. Said State Tourism, Irrigation, Culture and Religion Minister Satpal Maharaj, while talking to the media at his Subhash Road official residence here today, said that the way Chinese soldiers attacked unarmed Indian soldiers in Galvan Valley due to their expansionist thinking. And it is very condemnable. Maharaj said that he would like to send a message to the Chinese President Xi Jinping today by sending an ancient book Ramayana about how he had suffered as a result of the expansionist thinking of Dashainan Ravana. He said that he wants to tell the President of China that expansionist people or countries never flourish. Cabinet Minister Maharaj said that he hoped that Chinese President Jinping would take some lessons from his fall from Ravan’s expansionist thinking after learning from Ramayana. The Ramayana explains how the person who talks of expansionism comes to an end. I also have a message to China that the huge amount of money of the people of China is spending to increase its military power. Spend it on the prevention of the disease that plagues the whole world today. He said that India has never been thinking of expansion. India, despite winning Bangladesh, relinquished its authority over it. Whereas China’s attitude has been expansionist since the beginning. He has taken Tibet. He said that this is why he is sending the Chinese President Xi Jinping today to the Ramayana to realize how dangerous the expansionist thinking is for him.


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