Major Rivers of Uttarakhand

Yamuna River

Yamuna river is extracted from the Yamunotri Kantha salt place situated on the Bandarpunch mountain in Uttarkashi, the length of Yamuna is 136 km in the state.

Following are the major tributaries of Yamuna


It is the most important tributary of the Yamuna, which consists of the Supin River originating from the Swargarohani glacier in Uttarkashi and the Rupin River coming from the Himachal Pradesh.

The Tons River is also known as the Tamsa River, Tons River meet Yamuna In Kalsi, some other tributaries of Yamuna are Rishi Ganga, Hanuman Ganga, Bhadrigad, Kamalgad, Giri, etc.

 Ganges river

The river Ganga is known as Ganga from Devprayag where the rivers Alaknanda and Bhagirathi meet and form the Ganges River. The total length of Ganga after Devprayag in the state is 96 km. Following are the major tributaries of Ganga


Bhagirathi river emerges from the place called Ghumukh in Uttarkashi

The major tributaries of Bhagirathi are Rudraganga, Janhvi, Siaganga, Bhilangana, Milun Ganga, Kedar Ganga, etc.

In the old Tehri (Ganesh Prayag), Bhilangna river is found from Bhagirathi which comes out from Khatling Glacier, after Bhagirathi in the Devprayag, it is called Ganga, after which it is called Ganges. From Geom to Devprayag, Bhagirathi has a length of 205 km


The Alaknanda River originates from the Satopanth Glacier of Chamoli. Its major tributaries are Saraswati, Laxman Ganga, Vishnu Ganga, Patal Ganga, Nandakini, Pinder, Mandakini, Kanchan Ganga, Ksheer Ganga, Sonadhara etc.Saraswati in Keshav Prayag (Chamoli) from Alaknanda, Vishnu Ganga in Chamoli, Pindar in Nandprayag (Chamoli), Nandprakag (Chamoli), Pindar in Kadranprayag (Chamoli), Mandakini in Rudraprayag and Bhagirathi river in Devprayag.NeyarIn the Ganges, the river Nayar is found at the Phulchatti salt spot of Pauri, the Nayar river is formed by joining the eastern and western Nayar.

 Kali (Sharda) Tantra

The river Kali originates from a place called Kalapani, located near Lipulekh in Pithoragarh district, the major tributaries of Kali are Eastern Dhauliganga, Gori Ganga, Saryu, Lohawati, Ladhiya, Kuthiyangati etc.Eastern Dhauliganga at a place called Khela from Kali River, Gori at Jauljeevi which originates from the Milam glacier, Saryu at Pancheshwar and Ladhaia River at ChampawatThe Saryu River originates from a place called Sarmool in Bageshwar, its tributaries are Gomti, Panar, Eastern Ramganga etc.

Western Ramganga River

The Western Ramganga River originates from the Dudhatoli Range

Kosi River

The Kosi river originates from the Kausani hills, its valley in Kumaon is called the rice bowl.

 Dabka River

It originates from a place called Garampani in Nainital.

 Gaula River

It originates from a place called Paani Paani of Nainital.

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