Risk of dengue among corona infections taking a dangerous form…

The risk of dengue among corona infections taking a dangerous form is not over yet. If dengue also spreads with corona, it can prove very dangerous for the patient’s life. In such a situation, prevention of dengue is very important along with corona.

The District Health Department may be claiming that no dengue patient is present this time, but patients with dengue symptoms are also reaching various private hospitals. Dengue has also been confirmed in some rapid tests. The Health Department confirms dengue only when there is an ELISA test. In such a situation, the possibility of dengue cannot be ruled out.
Senior pulmonologist Dr. Parvez Ahmed of Care Medical Center, Panditwadi said that dengue fever with corona infection greatly increases the risk in humans. Both diseases are very dangerous. Both those with sugar, blood pressure, liver, kidney and other diseases, as well as in the elderly, attack very fast. In addition to lung damage, there is a risk of shock syndrome.
Trouble for patients with heart, blood pressure, sugar etc.
Dr. DD Chaudhary, state general secretary and senior physician of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), said that dengue attack with corona can be very dangerous for human life. In corona, where the risk of lung infection is highest. Heart, blood pressure, sugar etc. patients also have trouble.

With this, if there is dengue fever, there is also a fear of lack of platelets and haemorrhagic dengue. Dengue mosquito can be eradicated to a great extent if fogging continues continuously during the daytime by the municipal corporation and government.

… then there will be a huge shortage of platelets

If the outbreak of dengue fever increases then the patients will have to be associated with a lot of problems for platelets. Usually, in case of severe dengue fever, the patient also needs to offer platelets. During the Corona period there is also a lot of blood loss in the blood banks. There is only nominal blood left in all blood banks. In such a situation, the problem may increase further.

No dengue patients have arrived in the district so far this season. To eliminate dengue mosquitoes and larvae, the health department is constantly running fogging and other awareness campaigns with the Municipal Corporation and Asha. There is also an appeal to the public that the dengue season is not yet gone. So do not let water accumulate in your houses, offices and surroundings. Pay special attention to cleanliness.
– Subhash Joshi, District Vector Borne Disease Officer


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