The effigy of Ravana will burn, but the devotees will not get the chance to directly see it.

The effigy in Ramlila has its own craze. The effigy of Dussehra looks dull without burning the effigy. Haldwani’s ancient Ramlila ground is crowded by thousands to witness the end of Ravana and the victory of Shri Ram, a symbol of iniquity and injustice. Ramlila will also be staged without an audience. The effigy of Ravana will burn, but the devotees will not get the chance to directly see it. There will be no burning of effigies in Shishamahal and Kathgodam.

Ramlila is going to begin with Shardiya Navratri from Saturday. This time Ramlila is limited in the city. Ramlila, the oldest day of Haldwani, will begin with flag worship on the morning of the first Navratra. Ramlila will begin with Vyas Gaddi and Ganesh Pujan in the evening on the same day.

This time the appearance of Ramlila will change. Ramlila will be staged from one platform instead of decorating different courts on the grounds. Vivek Kashyap, associated with Ramlila Organizing Committee, told that the tradition of effigy burning will be performed on the lines of Ramlila. Although the shape of the mannequin remains to be churned. No final decision has yet been taken regarding fireworks.

Cable will be broadcast live on TV:
The ancient Ramlila will be broadcast live on cable TV this time. There is a churn going on the broadcast show via Facebook. Organizing committee member Vivek Kashyap said that no one will be allowed inside the Ramlila grounds. This system made from the first day will remain in force till the end. In such a situation, devotees will not be allowed to come to Ramlila Maidan even on the day of Vijayadashami.
This time there will be no burning of Ramlila and effigy. We have had effigy burning before two decades. Flag will be worshiped on the first day of Navratri. Vijayadashami will have Sundarkand and Bhajan evening.
-Harish Pandey, Chairman Sheesmahal Ramlila Committee

For the first time in the last 15 years, effigy will not be combusted. The first Navratri will be followed by the tradition of flag worship. Sundarakand and Bhajan Sandhya will be held every evening in Navratri.
-Kundan Singh Bisht, Chairman Kathgodam Ramlila Committee

Condoling the maternal grief of the Municipal Magistrate:
Members of the Sri Ramlila Steering Committee held condolences at the Ramlila Ground on Thursday. Ramlila Committee Receiver and City Magistrate Pratyush Singh kept a two-minute silence on the demise of his mother and prayed for the peace of the departed soul. Ved Prakash Aggarwal, Pandit Gopal Bhatt, Prem Gupta, Bholanath Kesarwani, Vivek Kashyap, Tanuj Gupta, Bhavani Shankar, Councilor Rajendra Agarwal, Manoj Gupta, Amit Joshi, Hitendra Pandey, Anubhav Goyal, Harimohan Aggarwal etc. were present here.

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