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In the capital, Dehradun, riding by e-buses will be slightly more expensive than normal city buses. For the first time on Thursday, the State Transport Authority has fixed the rental rates for e-buses in the capital. Under this, the minimum fare has been kept at Rs 10 while the minimum fare for city buses is Rs 7.

On Thursday, the meeting of the State Transport Authority was held under the chairmanship of Transport Commissioner Dipendra Kumar Chaudhary at the Transport Commissioner’s Office. In the meeting, the issue of smart city e-buses rental relative to city buses figured prominently. It was decided that since e-buses are expensive and their maintenance and operation is also expensive, their fare will also be slightly higher.

The proposal for the rental from Smart City Limited was passed in the meeting. There will be two types of e-buses operating under it. One will run e-buses on different routes in the city and the other will be operated between ISBT to Jollygrant Airport.
There will be a separate fare for the special bus service of Jollygrant while the fare is fixed according to the kilometer category in operation at other places in the city. Additional Secretary Justice RK Srivastava, Senior Superintending Engineer DS Kutiyal of Public Works Department, Sanat Kumar Singh, Secretary, Authority were present in the meeting.
Minimum fare of e-bus going to airport is Rs 100:
A route for the e-bus has been decided from ISBT to Jollygrant Airport. The minimum fare of this bus has been kept at Rs 100. In this route, fare has been fixed according to ISBT to Kargichowk, Vidhan Sabha, Jogiwala, Mohakampur, Doiwala, Airport. ISBT to Doiwala and the airport fare is 200 rupees.

If you go anywhere between it, then at least 100 rupees will have to be paid. The transport department says that since this bus service is being started especially for the airport passengers. The bus is luxury and it also has AC facilities.

Hence this fare has been kept. For example, if someone gets into a bus from ISBT and gets off at Kargi Chowk, then 100 rupees will have to be paid. Even if a passenger will catch a bus from Kargi Chowk to the assembly, then you will have to pay 100 rupees.

This will be the fare of e-buses per kilometer:
0-4 km – 10 rupees
04-07 km – 15 rupees
07-10 km – 20 rupees
10-13 km – 25 rupees
13-17 km – 30 rupees
17-21 km- 35 rupees
21-25 km- 40 rupees
25-30 km- 45 rupees
30-35 km-50 rupees
Above 35 km – Rs 55
Note: Revision of final rates of fares is also possible.

This is the pre-fixed fare of normal city buses:
0-2 km – Rs 7
02-6 km – 10 rupees
6-10 km-Rs 15
10-14 km -20
14-19 km-Rs 25
19-24 km-30 rupees
25-29 km-Rs 35
Above 40 km – Rs 40

Route in the city of e-bus and fare on them:
Route – ISBT-Railway Station-Ghantaghar-Jakhan-Rajpur
ISBT to Rajpur – Rs 30
Clock tower from ISBT – Rs 15
Ghantaghar to Rajpur – 20 rupees
Route – ISBT-Railway Station-Ghantaghar-IT Park-Sahastradhara
Sahastradhara from ISBT – Rs 40
Ghantaghar to Sahastradhara – 30 rupees
Route- Selakui-Sudhowala-Premnagar-Ghantaghar Raipur
Selakuin to Raipur – 50 rupees
Ghanta Ghar to Raipur – 20 rupees
Clock tower from Selakui – Rs 40
Route – ISBT-Ghantaghar-Selakuin
Clock tower from ISBT – Rs 15
Clock tower to Selakui – Rs 40
Route – ISBT-Ghantaghar-Raipur
Clock tower from ISBT – Rs 15
Ghanta Ghar to Raipur – 20 rupees

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