The Motichur range of Rajaji Tiger Reserve has been closed to tourists till further orders.

This decision has been taken as a precaution due to tiger shifting work going on in the range.

Five tigers are to be shifted from Jim Corbett National Park here due to absence of tigers in the western area of ​​Rajaji Tiger Reserve. It is planned to bring two male and three female tigers. One of these tigers was released on 25 December in the Motichur range. At the same time, as a vigilance, forest safari from Motichur range has been banned till further orders in the range. Guest houses for tourists to Motichur have also been closed.

It is believed that for four months now, tourists will not be able to do jungle safari from Motichur range. Actually, there are four tigers yet to be shifted, which will take a long time to bring. After this, they will also take time to adapt to the forest. At the same time, if a tigress is pregnant and her children are born, then the Motichur range can be kept closed for tourists for more than four months for their safety. This way, it is difficult to open the doors of Motichur range for tourists this season.

The tigress roaming in the Cannes Rage:
The tigress brought from Jim Corbett National Park has been moving from the Motichur range to the Kansor Range. According to officials, the tigress is walking in a radius of two to three kilometers daily. After this she lies down on the banks of the river. The tigress movement is being constantly monitored. The tigress is perfectly healthy. There may be a difference in the movement of the tigress when the tiger arrives.

Shifting tigers will go a long way. The second tiger will soon be shifted to the Motichur range. In view of this, in view of the safety of tigers and tourists, entry of outsiders has been completely banned till advance orders in Motichur.
– Lalita Prasad Tamta, Warden, Rajaji Tiger Reserve

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