Before the Kumbh Mela, the Railways has started preparing to loosen the pockets of passengers by placing a zero in front of the old train numbers.

The trains running in the routine by putting zero in front of the old numbers of 18 trains are being called Kumbh Special. While these trains are already running.

Before the Kumbh Mela, the Railways has re-operated 18 trains going from Haridwar to Moradabad, named Kumbh Special. Trains in which fares were common during the Corona period. Suddenly three times the fare of those trains has been increased. Railways have given the name of Kumbh Special by adding zero in front of the old numbers of these trains.

With the Kumbh Special, their fare has also increased by three times. The sleeper fare of Upasana Express from Haridwar to Moradabad was Rs 170. Now it has increased to Rs 415. Along with this, the fares of AC First and AC Second have also increased.

People’s trend towards buses:
Passengers traveling to Moradabad are traveling by buses due to increase in fares in trains. It takes three hours to go to Moradabad. While the train also takes three to four hours. At the same time, people are traveling by bus due to increasing fare of trains.

Bus fare from Haridwar to Moradabad:
Uttar Pradesh Transport Buses
Ordinary Bus – 204
AC Bus – 300

In Uttarakhand Transport Corporation buses:
200 rupees
Train fare
02369 Kumbh Express
Spieler – first 170, now 415
03009 Doon Express-
Sleeper – first 170, now 355
05005 Ganga-Rapti
Sleeper – first 140, now 385
03010 Yoganagar-Howrah
170 now, 385 now
02327 worship super fast
Before- 170, now 415

Moradabad Current Rent of AC and Chair Car:
2nd AC-1440
Ternary ac-1050
Sleeper Coach-385
General Coach – 95

Jan Shatabdi:
Chair Car II 383
Worship super fast
First AC-1590
2nd AC-1490
3rd AC-1100

2015 is a circular, on the basis of that the fare of trains has been increased.
– Rekha Sharma, Senior DCM, Moradabad Division

Passengers are traveling to Moradabad by buses due to increase in train fares. The bus leaves every ten minutes from Haridwar depot to Moradabad. In such a situation, the number of passengers on the Moradabad route is increasing.
– Prateek Jain, ARM, Haridwar Depot

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