Government prepares to resume rafting activity..

The government is now preparing to open up the long-standing rafting activity in lockdown due to the Corona infection. It is expected that from 21 September in Ganga’s Kaudiyala-Munikirati Eco Tourism Zone, once again the adventure will start in colorful rafts on the Ganges. Rafting practitioners have also started preparing for rafting.
Ganga’s Kaudiyala-Munikirati Eco Tourism Zone is recognized worldwide for raftig, kayakig and other adventure activities. Most tourists reach Rishikesh and the surrounding area for rafting and camping. Rafting activity was also stalled this year due to the lockdown that began with the public curfew on March 22 due to Corona infection. Whereas raftig season is at its peak after March. Now, in the process of Unlock-4, the Chief Minister has directed to start activities in profit making departments as well. After this, the tourism department has also decided to open rafting activity in the Ganges. For this, the department has started the process of issuing licenses and permits to rafting practitioners. It is expected that from September 21, rafting activity will begin in the Ganges. Rafting traders await the guideline
Preparations to open rafting activity in Ganga have started even from 21 September. However, no guidelines have been issued by the Department of Tourism for this so far. Raftig practitioners are also waiting for the guidance. It is possible that a decision will be taken to seat tourists at half capacity in the raft as well. The compulsory of the Corona Report can also be decided for tourists to engage in the activity. Businessmen believe that it is also necessary to take such steps from the security point of view. Businessmen will get two and a half months
In the Ganges, rafting activity is closed from 30 June to 31 August in the monsoon. Whereas rafting activity stops automatically due to extreme cold in December, which then gains momentum in March. In such a situation, if rafting is opened in the Ganges from September 21, the businessmen will get only about two and a half months for business. Currently about three hundred companies operate more than six hundred rafts in the Ganges River. This business provides direct and indirect employment to more than twenty thousand people.


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