The quota for making DL in October is completed.

Slots for driving licenses have been booked at the RTO office till October. Everyday learning license 24 and permanent license 48 are being created. The number of slots has been fixed under the online process, so that the office is not crowded and social distancing can be followed. Permanent driving licenses continue to be 60 before the Corona transition. In which no slot was fixed for learning.

Corona beat the target well:
Corona infection has significantly affected RTO’s daily earnings. The state government used to get crores of revenue every year in vehicle registration, transport renewal and license renewal. 42 crore 26 lakh 91 thousand rupees was received as revenue in September last year. This time the figure could reach 22 crore 26 lakh 91 thousand.

Found goal of one billion:
RTO has a revenue target of one billion rupees this time. The department is lagging behind by 47 percent last year due to the Corona transition period. The government has given exemption for the first three months and then six months in depositing the same transport tax. Due to which the department will have to bear the loss of crores of rupees in this item.

The transition affected the financial situation:
Rudrapur ARTO administration Pooja Nayal told that the corona infection has affected the financial condition of the department. The revenue target that was set earlier was attained before the completion of the year. But this time it seems difficult to reach the goal.

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