Promotion will be canceled in next 15 days for not taking charge

In Uttarakhand, teachers who have been promoted to the position of Lecturer from Assistant Teacher LT will be canceled if they do not take up the promotion post within 15 days. An order in this regard has been issued by the Directorate of Education.

In the state, more than 1200 teachers were promoted for the post of assistant teacher LT to lecturer. Following the promotion, orders were posted by the department on October 28 to deploy these teachers.

The order said that the teachers would have to take up the promotion post within 15 days, but even after the passage of time, many teachers have not yet taken charge. According to education department officials, these teachers have applied to give some more time for this, stating some problems.

In an order issued by Additional Director of Secondary Education Ramakrishna Uniyal, it has been said that the teachers who do not take charge have been given 15 days more time for this. If even after this, these teachers did not take up the promotion post, then the promotions of these teachers themselves would be deemed canceled.

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