The reason for the death of Dehradun’s religious school teacher has been hanging in the post-mortem report.

The hanging of the cause of death of Dehradun religious school teacher has come in the post-mortem report. The shocking thing is that the teacher had died almost 12 hours before getting the information. Now the question is, when the teacher was not seen in the campus all day, why was he not searched? However, the police consider this to be normal. At the same time, preparations are being made to send 39 children home from school. However, eight children have refused to return.

Let me tell you, the matter of beating of children in a religious school near Purukul went viral on social media last week. After this, the police started investigating it, but the next day, the body of a 25-year-old teacher who taught Buddhist scripture was found hanging. The police wanted to conduct his post-mortem on Sunday, but the post-mortem could not take place due to absence of family members. After this, the post-mortem could be done on Monday with the written consent of the relatives.
SO Rajpur Rakesh Shah said that the reason for the teacher’s death was hanging. With this, the death is said to be about 12 hours ago. He told that it was probably Saturday and all were busy with their work. In such a situation no one went to his room. After this, when no information was received till evening, he was seen going into the room. Till now, no such thing has come to light in this case, which raises suspicion.

39 children being sent on leave:
The SO reported that 47 children study at the school. It was he who sought leave after not going home since the lockdown. Now the school management has now prepared to send 39 children home. For this, permission is also being sought from the district administration. Meanwhile, eight children have refused to go home. In this case, after getting the permission of the District Magistrate, the management will take them home.

Who brought the children from Banbasa did not go unnoticed:
The teacher who committed suicide had brought three children from Banbasa a day earlier. After settling some work on Friday evening, the teacher also went to sleep in his room as usual. It is being told that the next day everything was normal, but the teacher was nowhere to be seen. Despite this, no one noticed them. According to information received from sources, he had not told anyone till then that he also had another mobile. It is strange to not pay attention to the teacher, but according to the police, there is no point of investigation in this.

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