Before Deepawali, the level of air pollution from construction works in Haridwar has been steadily increasing.

Before Deepawali, the level of air pollution from construction works in Haridwar has been steadily increasing. To measure the level of pollution on Deepawali, the Pollution Control Board (PCB) has set up a temporary station near Avadhoot Mandal Ashram. In this, the level of pollution up to one week after Deepawali will be measured. On Wednesday, Haridwar city air quality index (AQI) was recorded at 169 per record.

Drain, road, bridge construction work is going on in the city for the preparation of Mahakumbh. Gas, drinking water, electricity and optical fiber cables are being laid. Air pollution has increased due to dusty soils.

According to Rajendra Singh Kathait, regional officer of the Environmental Protection and Pollution Control Board, there is no permanent station to measure pollution in PCBs in Haridwar city. PCB has set up a temporary station on Deepawali.

According to PCB Secretary SP Subudhi, the temporary station has been established near Avadhoot Mandal Ashram. 169 AQI is recorded on Wednesday. While the normal AQI level is 100.

Similarly, the level of PM10 is 177.77, the level of PM2.5 is 80.60 micrograms per cubic meter. Sulfur dioxide level is 22.90 and nitrogen dioxide level is 35.88.

Businessmen angry with ongoing advisory about firecrackers:
In Dehradun, traders have opposed the advisory issued by the government regarding firecrackers on Deepawali. The provincial industry trade board said that this type of advisory is not in the interest of traders. This will cause considerable loss to traders. Because he has bought firecrackers. He has demanded the government to reconsider its decision.

The government has issued an order on Wednesday. Under this, instructions have been given to sell only green crackers in the urban areas of Doon, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Haldwani, Rudrapur, and Kashipur. Also, the duration of burning of firecrackers in these cities has also been limited.

Fireworks can be burnt here only for two hours from eight to 10 o’clock. Suddenly on Diwali this order has caused outrage among traders. State President of the Provincial Industries Trade Board, Naveen Verma said that due to Corona, the business of traders has been destroyed.

Many traders were waiting for Diwali. So that they can earn. Traders have also bought firecrackers etc. for Deepawali and started selling them. He appreciates the government’s awareness of the environment, but when such a festival has started, such an order will result in considerable financial loss to the traders.

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