Police will take action if traders sell foreign firecrackers.

If you sell foreign firecrackers on Deepawali in Uttarakhand, the police may have to face tough action. In this regard, on Tuesday, IG Garhwal has issued instructions to all captains based on the letter of Direct Revenue Intelligence. Deepawali is only approved to sell crackers manufactured in India.

Every year, firecrackers made in China are sold indiscriminately on Diwali, but they do not meet Indian regulations. IG Garhwal Range Abhinav Kumar said that the police has received a letter from the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence. The letter calls for a ban on the collection and sale of foreign firecrackers. Accordingly, guidelines have been issued to the police of all the seven districts.
The IG said that in every district, a license to sell firecrackers is issued by the District Magistrate. This license is only for the sale of Indian firecrackers. In such a situation, if someone sells foreign firecrackers, action will be taken against them. In this regard, the police has also been instructed to check continuously.

What the rules say:
The National Controller of Explosives has issued 18 point guidelines related to sale and collection of firecrackers. Rule six of these states that any seller can sell only crackers manufactured in India. Failure to do so may lead the local administration to take action against him.

Why are you banned?
Actually, firecrackers made in India are made keeping in mind the rules and regulations here. For example, it is mandatory to write on every cracker how much decibel its sound intensity will be. In India only firecrackers of different intensity can be burnt at different times. Their intensity can range from 45 to 60–70 decibels. According to doctors, the sound of more than 95 decibels can damage the eardrum.

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