The drone will keep an eye on poachers and encroaches.

Tourist places in Uttarakhand Chopta, Tungnath, Rudranath, Deoriatal and Madmaheshwar region, Dugalbitta, Banyakund saw musk deer, monal and other animals roaming these days. Apart from this, there is also a store of many medicines in the high Himalayan region with rare flowers like Brahmakamal, Fen Kamal. In such a situation, Kedarnath Wildlife Division will take help of drone camera for protection of wildlife and forest wealth. From the new year, the Kedarnath Wildlife Division will monitor poachers and encroachers with drone cameras.

Kedarnath Wildlife Division has an area of ​​975.2 sq km. Century area also includes the third Kedar Tungnath, the fourth Kedar Rudranath and the tourist spot Chopta. Apart from this, there are 23 inhabited and non-populated township areas in the century area in the division.

Many animal species including Monal, Himalayan Thar, Ghurad, Leopard, Tiger also migrate throughout the divisional area. Also in the high Himalayan region where there is a store of many medicines with rare flowers like Brahmakamal, Fen Kamal.
At the same time, there are also Bugyalas spread over the foothills. In such a situation, the chances of poaching of wildlife by hunters are also high. At the same time, in many places including Chopta, there has been a large number of encroachments over the years, to remove it, action has already been taken at the divisional level.

Large area will be inspected:
This is the first time when the help of drones is being taken by the Forest Department for protection of wildlife and forest wealth. In the first phase, a camera is being purchased, which will be moved to the required location and inspected a large area there.

The divisional officers will get the most benefit of this facility in the Reiki of snow affected areas, where it is difficult for the personnel to reach from October to February. One month videos and photos will be stored.

Since the lockdown the number of organisms has increased throughout the divisional area. In such a situation, the help of drone camera will be taken to get the right information about these creatures. It will also be easy to mark the encroachment. A drone is being purchased right now, which will be available by the end of this month. There are plans to buy two to three drones in the coming time.
– Amit Kanwar, DFO Kedarnath Wildlife Division Gopeshwar / Chamoli

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