PM Modi Will Launch ‘Fit India Movement’

PM Modi Will Launch Fit India Movement

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the ‘Fit India Movement’ on Thursday i.e. National Sports Day. Its purpose is to make people in the country health conscious. The government will pursue it on the lines of cleanliness campaign. Every year in the country, 29 August is celebrated as Sports Day. This is also the birthday of hockey wizard Dhyanchand. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will start this campaign with a program to be held at Indira Gandhi Stadium in Delhi.

Campaign will run in coordination with several ministries: To make the Fit India campaign a success, more than half a dozen ministries of the central government will work in mutual coordination. These include Ministries like Sports Ministry, Human Resource Development Ministry, Panchayati Raj and Rural Development. These ministries are designing programs at their respective levels.

Celebrities from every field will be added: This campaign will involve big personalities from every field including sports, industry, politics and film industry. These people will motivate the common man to stay fit in everyday life. Apart from this, teams of volunteers will be formed at various levels, which will help in connecting people with this campaign.

Publicity will be done through all mediums: To make people aware of the importance of Fit India campaign, it will be promoted through every means. Audio visuals, pamphlets and other materials will also be distributed for fitness. The help of mobile apps, web portals and social media will be taken.

Every year there will be a different subject of fitness: this campaign will run for about four years. Under this, a campaign will be run on different topics related to fitness every year. People will be made aware of physical fitness in the first year, eating habits in the second year, environment friendly lifestyle in the third year and ways to stay away from diseases in the fourth year.

Programs to be done at the village level: This campaign will start from every village and panchayat level and will run at the level of block, district and states.

PM Modi had already mentioned:
Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently said in his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ that you all will remember that August 29 is celebrated as ‘National Sports Day’. On this occasion, we are going to launch ‘Fit India movement’ across the country. He said that he has to keep himself healthy. The country has to be made fit. It will be a very interesting campaign for everyone, children, elderly, young and women and it will be your own. Modi had said, “I will talk about the subject in detail on that day and I am not going to live without adding you.” Because I want to see you fit. I want to make you aware to stay fit and for Fit India, we should meet and set some goals for the country.

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