PM Modi spoke to the workers coming out of Uttarkashi Tunnel, thanked Baba Kedar; salute to passion

41 laborers trapped in the Uttarkashi Tunnel accident were rescued safely on the 17th day. In this happy moment the entire country heaved a sigh of relief. After the successful rescue on Tuesday, the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to these workers on Wednesday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke over telephone to the workers who were successfully rescued from the Silkyara Tunnel in Uttarakhand after 17 days. While talking to the workers, PM Modi said that this is a matter of great happiness for me. It was by the grace of Kedarnath Baba that you all have come out safely. 17 days is not less time. It is commendable how you kept each other’s spirits up inside the tunnel.

Baba Kedar’s grace
The workers also expressed their views to PM Modi. The workers said that Sir, we were stuck in the tunnel for 18 days, but we did not feel weakness or problem even once. This could happen because 41 of us were together. Everyone was from different states, but we were all together. The workers said that we used to do yoga inside the tunnel and also take morning walks. The workers said that we thank the Uttarakhand government.

Thanks to CM Dhami
The workers said that CM Dhami hugged us and hugged us. We thank the government. Thanks to the government for evacuating 41 of us safely.