PM Modi said the era of expansionism is over, this is the time of development ….

Suddenly Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Leh has given a strong message to China. Addressing the soldiers of the Indian Army, PM Narendra Modi said that the era of expansionism is over. Now is the time for evolution. Evolutionism is only relevant in a rapidly changing time. There is an opportunity for developmentalism and developmentalism is the basis of the future.
PM Narendra Modi said that expansionism in the last centuries has done the most harm to humanity. Worked to destroy humanity. The victory of expansionism has always posed a threat in the face of world peace when someone is riding on it. History bears witness that such forces have been erased or forced to turn. PM Narendra Modi said that voices are being raised against expansionism all over the world. Today the world is dedicated to evolutionism. Today is welcoming the open competition. Whenever I think of a decision related to national defense, I remember two mothers. First – Mother India, second – those brave mothers who gave birth to mighty warriors like you.

PM Narendra Modi said that the country attaches highest priority to your honor, respect of your family and protection of Mother India. Is a weapon necessary for the armies or similar to you. We have been paying much attention to all this. Now spending on border infrastructure in the country has been tripled. PM Narendra Modi said that whether there is a demand for the formation of CDS or the creation of a war memorial in the country, the decision of Var Rank One Pension or your family’s care is constantly working for the right system. The country is strengthening its military at all levels today.


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