Beware of! Might be another scam!

Before considering any website, research it carefully as the website you are considering might be a scam. All over the internet world scams are happening in many ways. We have provided enough information that will help you in recognizing scams, after reading this article you will be able to identify whether Patton is another scam or not.
To help you avoiding fraud we are here to help you. Here we will tell you about the types of online frauds and how to recognize them.

Beware of! Might be another scam!

Types of online frauds:

  • Online shopping scam
  • Phishing scam
  • Dating scam
  • Gaming scam
  • Make money online
  • Bitcoin scam
  • Fake lotteries scam
  • Anniversary/gift card scam

#Type 1: Shopping scam

Online shopping is quick and convenient so people mostly prefer online websites for shopping this is beneficial for scammers, they take a chance of this to scam people and by trusting fraud websites people lose their hard-earned money. The main purpose of scammers is to steal the user’s credentials and personal information.

How to recognize shopping scam sites?

Here are some common tips that users should know to identify fraudulent shopping sites.

Have a look at the address bar:

Look at the address bar of the website. See whether it has a secure or insecure connection. On the address bar see the HTTPS wheres shows that the connection is secure and for transferring the data it is using encryption and it also indicated that it will protect your data from scammers but, this does not show that the website is legit so, users should not enter their details, they should also check more tips to identify fraud.

Pay attention to the website logo:

Have a look at the logo of the website. A lot of fraud sites copy the logo of other websites and paste it into their official website which does not match with their domain.

How long the site has been:

Scammers introduce new genuine-looking websites so the very first thing the users should check is the site domain age. Check Whois information to know the activation date of the site.

Check Discount deals:

Most fraud sites offer heavy discount deals to make their websites look attractive so that more users may attract to the website deals and shop from them. Fraud sites provide unbelievable deals so be careful.

Be careful how you do transactions:

Never do product billing by direct bank transfer. Always look for a secure transaction mode. Fraud sites do not offer cash on product-delivery most of them offer transactions through PayPal.

Do an online search:

If you are clear about any website then the best way is to do an online search and see what other people are saying about the website. Doing an online search will help you a lot to spot fraud sites.

Check contact details:

Fraud sites mostly do not provide multiple ways for connecting with them they only provide a single way for contacting them that is an email address and in case if they provide multiple ways all those ways for contacting them will be fake.

Check Social presence:

Check the social presence of the site to know its popularity on social media. Many fraud sites do not show their presence on social media and in case they provide a link to their social media page those links will not connect you to any social media page so, please beware.

Public Review:

Pay attention to the public review and see what the public is saying about the offers of the website, this will also work for identifying the website legitimacy.

Check company and owner’s profile:

One of the most important tips to recognize a scam site is to check its company & owner’s profile. Legit sites always share the company and website owner’s profile only, scam sites hide their website owners and company profile.

#Type 2: Phishing scam

Phishing is the topmost online scam. A phishing scam is a type of fraud in which Scammers send text messages and emails to the users so that they may share their personal details. Through these phishing emails, they try to trick innocent users into believing that they log in to a trustworthy website.

Scammers can access users account, bank, and emails by stealing their security number, account and password.

How to Recognize Phishing scam?

  • Phishing emails may seem like they are sent from a trustworthy company like they are sent by social-networking sites, online stores, banks, payment app, or websites.
  • Scammers will tell the users to click the link or attachment they will tell you to enter your details.
  • Phishing emails include fake links, invoices, and also offer coupons.
  • Through phishing emails/text scammers will notify you that is some issue with your payment or account.
  • To make a transaction, they want you to click the link.

#Type 3: Dating scam

Dating scammer designs fake profile’s of the people on dating apps or dating websites.

  • Do not divulge your lot of personal data on dating sites.
  • Don’t send gift cards and cash to someone after chatting on dating sites.

How to recognize a dating scam?

  • Dating scammers will target the dating site users by asking them to pay for travel, plane ticket, medical, and some other expenses.
  • If the person with whom you talk on dating sites avoids you and denies meeting you in real and also denies talking with you on call then be careful.
  • Dating scammers make you believe that they are stuck in another country.
  • Romance scammers will ask you to chat with them on WhatsApp or text.
  • To gain enough details the dating scammers will ask you many questions.
  • One of the most common tactics of romance scammers is to create a profile that looks real.

#Type 4: Gaming Scam

People of all ages prefer playing online games. The online game is a source of entertainment for people and also a source of earning and stealing personal information.

With expanding online gaming industry scammers have got the opportunity to scam users.

How to recognize a gaming scam?

  • To check the gaming website legitimacy always check its developer’s details. Legit gaming websites will always share their developer’s details.
  • The gaming scammers will tell you to pay them in specific ways.
  • Gaming scammers will ask you to download a gaming application that is not safe are contains viruses.
  • Check how poorly the website is crafted, like its logo, website domain age, policies, contact information, developer’s details, etc.
  • Scammers will send a fake email or link that will tell the gamers to enter their login details.

#Type 5: Money making scams

If you are getting an opportunity to make money online within no time please, do not grab this opportunity as it might turn out to be a fraud. Do not trust money-making websites, they will not easily give you a big profit.

How to recognize money-making scams?

  • No legit money-making website offers you a big profit quickly without any skill and hard work so, please do not believe such websites that will promise you to make a big profit easily without making any efforts.
  • A legit company will always provide full details about them before asking you to pay.
  • A fraud money-making website will also tell the users to share their post and promises them to give money just by sharing the suggested post.
  • Fraud money-earning sites will promise the users to get money, only for reading an article or just for signing up; this is the biggest trap of the scammers.
  • People are interested in making money online so they fall into fraud money-making websites. The fraud website offers a high bonus only for signing up.

#Type 6: Bitcoin Scam

Bitcoin is a virtual currency and it is the biggest online scam. Bitcoin is on rising, Bitcoin is the biggest fraud of all time.

The most search word in Google trends is bitcoin. What is the reason behind this top searched word bitcoin?

If you add value to work then only someone gives you money. In-office you get a salary only when you do some work or add value to it.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that allows its users to take and give money without revealing their true identity. And its control is not in the hands of the government or bank.

How to recognize a bitcoin scam?

  • The addresses through which the scammers sell the bitcoin to the users or Bitcoin address are almost untraceable.
  • Bitcoin scammers promise the users their money will get double within few days, scammers provide this scheme which is a scam.

People, Ponzi schemes, and companies are taking advantage of bitcoin’s popularity and running so many scams in the name of bitcoin.

Bitcoin scams are expanding and growing so, please beware of bitcoin scams.

#Type 7: Fake lotteries scam

Fake lotteries are a common online scam. Fake lotteries scammers try to connect with the users usually through a link or email and it also comes through text message, social media and scammers could also notify you won some lottery.

How to recognize fake lottery scams?

  • Usually, the fake lottery scam notification comes from another country and they will claim that you won a prize but for that, they will ask you to fill in your personal/sensitive information.
  • Without performing any task if someone is offering you a good amount then it is definitely a scam.

#Type 8: Anniversary/gift card scam

Anniversary/gift card is a common type of scam, through which scammers usually send a link to the innocent-users that claims that the company is celebrating its anniversary and offering free gift cards.

How to recognize anniversary/gift card fraud?

  • Promises to offer free gifts.
  • Encourages the customers to click on the link and answers some questions and win free gifts.
  • Claims that the customers will get Free-gift vouchers just by clicking the ‘link’.

Some other scams:

We’ve reviewed a lot of facts in the preceding article when it comes to different forms of internet scams. Though there are some websites that redirect to another website, or whose domain registrations has expired, or are shut down or cannot be visited.

Although, some websites have put reviews on closed websites; so that you can validate the authenticity of the site and identify whether it was a shopping site or not.


Online frauds are emerging in a multitude of ways. Be careful before starting to believe in any frauds. Fraud can happen in a multitude of ways so, beware of frauds and save yourself from online frauds.

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