Panchayat Election Alert: Now Add Your Name in the Voter list with the mobile app!

Panchayat Election Alert Now Add Your Name in the Voter list with the mobile app!

There is very little time left for the panchayat elections in Uttarakhand, so if you have lost your name in your village or you are willing to vote in your village from the city, then there is good news for you, Election Commission voters A special campaign is being launched to correct the flaws in the list, voter ID card. Often the voter expresses his displeasure with the Election Commission due to wrong name, age, address being wrong in the voter list. But now you can also overcome these flaws through the mobile app. Yes, the Election Commission has prepared a special Voter helpline mobile app for this. Through this, you can also modify the name address in your voter list and voter ID card.

The voter verification program is being started by the Election Commission from 1 September. Under which the BLO will go from house to house verifying the name registered in the voter list. During this time, the name and information of every voter will be verified from DL, Passport, Aadhar card passbook. Along with this, applications for name correction will also be available through the Voter Helpline mobile app, in addition to this, the option of improving the voter list has also been provided through National Voter Service Portal and Common Service Center. For this, Form 6 will be used to add a new voter, to remove the name from the Form 7 voter list, to improve the name and address in the Form 8 voter list, and Form 8A will be used to transfer the name from that constituency. . After this complete process, the Nai Voter List will be prepared by October 15. Deputy Chief Electoral Officer Jitendra Kumar said that this campaign will be run on a large scale.

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