Pakistan Refuses Diwali Sweets, Deteriorating Relations between the two Countries

In India, onion prices had created a furore for some time, due to which the government had banned the export of onions. But now the prices of onions have started touching the sky in the neighboring country of Bangladesh. Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi says that we are currently going through a shortage of six lakh tonnes of onions, due to which the citizens here are facing a lot of problems. He says that 80 percent of the country’s onions come from India, and the ban on India’s exports has increased the prices of onions in the country. The people there have also started raising questions on this.

Let me tell you that in the government of Bangla country, now the decision has been taken to leave the Radcliffe Line. They believe that this line has created barriers in their neighboring countries. Economic advisor to PM Sheikh Hasina Rehman said in a stakeholder meeting between the two countries that secession is not a solution. Work in the economic sector requires strong partnerships worldwide. Let me tell you that the Radcliffe Line is the line of demarcation between the Indian and Pakistani parts of Punjab and Bengal of British India. It was named after its creator Sir Cyril Radcliffe. Rahman said that the future of the country should be decided by this line. At the same time, they say that the two countries should work together as per feasibility, if required. Saying so, Rahman requested to lift the ban on onion exports from India.


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