PAK PM Imran Khan Says that there May be a War between India and Pakistan

Imran Khan has been facing many challenges since becoming the Prime Minister of Pakistan. On the economic front, Pakistan has somehow survived by being a defaulter. But even now, the clouds of crisis are not completely sorted. On the other hand, with India, tensions regarding Kashmir are extreme in recent times, then politics is also hot in Karachi within the country. If India ended the autonomy of Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan raised this issue on every platform in the world but it did not succeed in that way. Imran Khan was called his anti-U-turn PM in Pakistan. Imran Khan had promised to build a new Pakistan but no concrete changes are visible on the ground so far.

Imran Khan has said in an interview to Al Jazeera that war on Kashmir with India is possible. Is there a danger of any major conflict or war between the two nuclear power countries? In response to this question, Imran Khan said that yes, there is a risk of war between the two countries. Pakistan’s relationship with China in its neighboring countries is historically very close but at a very low level with India. Imran Khan said in this interview about Kashmir, “80 lakh Muslims have been imprisoned in Kashmir for the last 6 weeks. India accuses Pakistan of spreading terrorism and wants to divert the attention of the world from this issue. When two nuclear-powered countries collide, it cannot be imagined. That is why we contacted the United Nations. We are raising this issue in all the important forums of the world. We want a political solution to this. If the matter went to war, it would not be confined to the Indian subcontinent. It will go beyond this and the whole world will be affected.

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