Kumbh event was challenging

For the state government, the organization of Kumbh will now depend on the attitude of the High Court. On the other hand, organizing Kumbh has become more challenging. The High Court had asked the state government to issue a guideline to the Center for organizing Kumbh.

Now the central government has released the guidelines and the state government has asked only those who show negative reports to join the Kumbh by registering the pilgrims and conducting RTPCR test.

Those coming to Kumbh must bring a negative report of Kovid at their level. Despite this, the state government will have to deploy the necessary force to complete the investigation of the report and other formalities.

It is also clear in the SOP that about 5 million people can reach Haridwar on the main festivals. On the basis of this, the High Court also asked the state government to arrange tents for 50 lakh people. Till now the state government has also been trying to avoid the arrangement of tent colony. Now this may be necessary and the government may have to exercise a lot in this.

The government will also have to arrange registration for Kumbh. The government has made the registration on the website of Smart City Doon under Kovid. In Kumbh, more crowds will be gathered in less time and in such a situation, the government will have to face the challenge of crowd control. The government will also have to sweat a lot in following the law of social distance from the people who come in large numbers.

Constant fear of new strains
Now the answer will be filed in the High Court on behalf of the state government. Only after the court’s stance will it be decided what the next step of the government will be. The cases of corona infection are becoming less in the state now.

Despite this, the fear of new strains remains constant. Foreigners also arrive in large numbers in Kumbh. It is obvious that along with the government, the people concerned in the system are also worried about the Kumbh event turning into a Corona hot spot. In such a situation, the government will have to follow the guidelines.

Health facilities will have to be increased in less time:
The SOP of the Center has also made it clear that health facilities in Haridwar will have to be increased before the Kumbh is organized. The government has to make this arrangement even before the notification of Kumbh is issued in February.

The High Court had ordered that the Center issue a SOP in this matter. The government has got this work done by the Center. Now the government will file an answer in the High Court and whatever instructions the High Court has, it will be followed.
– Madan Kaushik, Government Spokesperson and Urban Development Minister

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