After a long wait, the operation of the train on the Tanakpur route is going to start in February.

The Triveni Express Special will run from Tanakpur to Singrauli on February 3 and Shaktinagar on February 4 from February 2. A timetable has also been issued by the Railways along with information on train operation.
As per the timetable released by the Railways on Tuesday evening, Tanakpur-Singrauli Special Express (05074) will run from Tanakpur on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from February 3 to 8.25 am. Khatima, Pilibhit via Madhola, will travel further through Bareilly. Its arrival time at Pilibhit Junction will be 9.43 pm. In return from Singrauli (05073) this train will run every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Its time there has been fixed at 4.15 pm. It will reach Pilibhit Junction at 13.50 the next day. After stopping at the junction for five minutes, we will leave for Tanakpur. This train will also go to Shaktinagar for four days every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from February 2.

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