The OPD of Doon Hospital has been closed.

The OPD of Doon Hospital has been closed since Wednesday in view of the continuous increase in cases of corona infection. At present, only Covid patients will be treated in the hospital. Although OPD of flu patients will continue to run in the container.
The Doon Hospital has been re-named as Covid Hospital following an increase in cases of Covid infection. On Tuesday, important decisions regarding operations were taken in a meeting held under the chairmanship of Principal Dr. Ashutosh Sayana. It was decided to discontinue other OPDs as long as the corona cases are increasing.

The OPD time was shortened about two weeks ago. Earlier, at the time of Corona’s inception, Doon was made a Covid Hospital.

Treatment of other patients is not possible due to Covid patient recruitment:
Later, after the reduction in cases, general services were being provided in the hospital. Principal Dr. Sayana said that due to recruitment of Covid patients, treatment of other patients is not possible. Many doctors and support staff have also been infected. Hence OPD will remain closed till further orders.

Tribute paid to the constable in the police line:
Constable Dheeraj Singh, who lost his life due to Corona infection, paid tribute to SSP Dr. Yogendra Singh Rawat and other officers in the police line. Dheeraj Kalsi was posted in the police station.

His wife was infected with Corona in the past. He died on 23 April. Dheeraj’s health also worsened during this period. He was rushed to Doon Hospital in critical condition, where doctors declared him dead on Monday.
His corona test report has also come out positive.

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