It would be the only university that spent a year in a hotel room in Haldwani.

After the formation of the state, due to the untiring efforts of public representatives, educationists, leaders and ministers, many high level educational institutions started in Uttarakhand. Many universities and degree colleges for higher education became private educational institutions. Five years after the formation of the state, a university based on distance education system also started. Which would probably be the only university that spent a year in a hotel room in Haldwani.

It then moved to other rented rooms in the city until 2010. In 2012 it got its own land of 25 acres. Starting with only 500 students, today this university with a student strength of 70 thousand is none other than Uttarakhand Open University. Vice Chancellor of UOU Prof. SS Hasan, Prof. Vinay Pathak, Prof. Subhash Dhulia, Prof. Nageswara Rao, Prof. OPS has been a Negi.

Established in 2005:
Uttarakhand Open University was established in the year 2005 under Act 23 of the State Legislative Assembly. It is the only open university in the government. The objective of which is to make higher education through the open and distance education systems to the remote frontier areas of the state, especially the interior areas of the hilly terrain.

University for rent for eight years:
After the establishment in 2005, the roofing search for UOU’s office began. It was first operated in a hotel room on Nainital Road in 2006-07. After some time it was shifted to Lonivi’s guest house in Tikonia. In 2009, the university was moved to a rented house in Kusumkheda. In October 2010, the university shifted to a rented house in Unchapul. Where it ran until 2012. The number of other officers and employees, including the chancellor, was around a dozen in this period.

The first foundation stone lying on 25 acres:
UOU finally got 25 acres of land in Teenpani in August 2012 after shifting from one place to another for eight years of its establishment. Where the first stone of the foundation was laid. Since then, the university has been continuously setting new records. Currently, more than 150 officers and employees are employed here.

Number of students reached from 500 to 70 thousand:
The success and popularity of UOU can be gauged from the fact that only 500 to one thousand students showed interest in registering for a few years of its establishment. But as soon as they got their campus, the number of students started getting employable courses also started increasing. At present the admission process of the university is going on and the student number has reached 70 thousand.

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