The Uttarakhand Transport Corporation has now made online booking of Volvo.

The decision was taken at the headquarters level due to the increasing number of passengers and the festive season. That is, now travelers can book their seats by visiting the Transport Corporation website.

Transport Corporation operates the Valvo and AC buses on the Delhi and Doon routes. The first general class buses operated after the lockdown. Five days ago, when the ISBT opened in Delhi, it started sending Valvo and AC buses. However, Valvo could not run on the Doon route. Roadways officials say that Valvo is currently not being sent due to reduced ridership on the Dehradun route.

At the same time, due to Valvo being offline, passengers going to Delhi had to reach the bus base before the bus departed. While Valvo was in the online category from the beginning. But now Valvo has again started the online system for booking. Station incharge Ravi Shekhar Kapri informed that passengers can book seats by visiting Three valvos are sent daily to Delhi by roadways. The number will be increased according to the need.

Operation was fine in October:
State President of Roadways Employees Joint Council Vikram Dangwal said that the roadways benefited from the operation of buses in October. Even after taking out the design and other expenses, there has been a profit of four crores.

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