This time, Onions crossed Rs 100, Mandi committee also raised hands with cheap Onions.

Onion prices have once again made everyone cry. It has been a long time but there is no hope of a fall in onion prices. Onion prices have now crossed Rs 100 in many places. In the capital Dehradun, onion crossed Rs 100. Onion prices rose so much that even the Mandi committee selling onions for 51 kg pulled back. Therefore, the counters of cheap onions were closed. If the central government asks for demand, the Mandi committee has asked for 10,000 quintal onions. However, on Monday, 170 quintal onions reached Doon from Afghanistan. Onion prices rose on Monday for a long time. Onion prices declined from Rs 100 to 120 in most places due to reduced arrival of onions from Alwar. Due to the rise in prices and decreasing inward, the counter of cheap onions planted in the mandi also had to be closed. Traders refused to give Rs 51 a kg onion, citing the price being high. However, about 170 quintal onions of Afghanistan reached Doon via Amritsar mandi by evening. Mandi Secretary Vijay Thapliyal said that prices have increased due to reduced onion from Alwar. The wholesale and retail prices are expected to decrease with the arrival of Afghanistan’s onions.

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