One thousand Naga ascetics of Juna Arena took initiation.

The Nagas to be initiated at the four manthas (four, sixteen, thirteen, and fourteen) on Monday at the Sripanchadashnam Juna Arena were performed at the Mundan ceremony. This process took place near the dejected Hanuman temple. After the mundane, the Nagas were given a Ganges bath at the Alaknanda Ghat and sacrificed worldly clothes, and carried the Kopin Dand, a kamdal.
Srimanta Mohan Bharti, Secretary, Juna Akhada, said that the Shradav Karma was performed by the Pandits during the bathing of the Nagas. About one thousand Naga ascetics were initiated. The ascetics, while bathing amidst the mantras of Brahmin pandits, attained their devotion by winning.

After this, the ascetics took part in the Birja Home under the trinity of Dharmadhwaja. Preyas Mantra was given by Acharya Mahamandaleshwar of Akhara. After the Preyas mantra, the ascetics went to bathe in the Ganges again. Where his crest was dissected.
To become a Naga monk, one has to go through many difficult examinations:
Shrimant Mohan Bharti told that to become a Naga sanyasi one has to go through many difficult examinations. For this, the first Naga Sannyasi is initiated as a great man and is included in the arena.

As a great man for three years, a Dixit ascetic has to perform various tasks in the arena with Guru Seva, following the strict rules of sannyas. After three years of hard work, he is made a Naga at the Kumbh festival. The entire process has been completed under the supervision of Acharya Mahamandaleshwar.

Today will be installed 141 feet trident-damru:
The Juna Arena will be installed on 141 feet high Trishul-Damru on the deplorable Hanuman temple near the Laltaro bridge on Monday. After worship by law, Trishul and Damru will be installed with the help of cranes.

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