On February 13, there will be an ideological brainstorm for the development of the state, Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat will prepare a framework with ministers and MLAs …

Three years of state government are going to be completed in March. In the same sequence, on February 13, Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat, along with the ministers and MLAs, will hold extensive brainstorming on the future action plan along with the ministers and MLAs. The functions of each department will be discussed in detail in this program organized on the initiative of Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat. In this, district-wise open discussion will be held with ministers and legislators.

Chief Minister Trivendra said that “The nectar derived from this churning will definitely help in determining the direction and condition of integrated development of the state.” The responsibility of the public representative is to be devoted to public service. By the way, suggestions are received from public representatives and the state government also works on it. But the brainstorming program will provide suggestions of departmental and district-wise public representatives at one place, which will be compiled immediately and used in the interest of the state.

Under the “Manthan” program, development policies will be decided according to the specific local conditions and needs of different regions of the state. To determine the direction and condition of integrated development of the state, the departmental ministers will give a presentation on the achievements and future strategies related to their departments. On this occasion, district-wise open discussion between ministers and MLAs will also be organized. With this, information about the concerted efforts made for multidimensional efforts to solve local problems and development will be available, as well as suggestions for the implementation of future plans. In this program, the Chief Secretary will compile the suggestions and future action plan given by all ministers and legislators and present the future action plan. Based on these suggestions, a development strategy will be decided.

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