On being a Plastic free state of the Trivendra Rawat government, a reward of Rs One crore to the Municipal Corporation, Rs 75 Lakh to the Municipality and Rs 50 Lakh to the Nagar Panchayat.

The Nagar Nikaya UK, which declared itself as the first plastic-free, will be awarded by the Trivandra Government Special Award. In this category, the award will be given to one crore to the municipal corporation, 75 lakh to the municipality and Rs 50 lakh to the Nagar Panchayat. Also, in the upcoming cleanliness survey, the government will give a reward of up to one crore rupees to the bodies included in the top hundred cities across the country. This was announced by Chief Minister Trivendra Rawat in a workshop organized for the heads and officers of all the urban bodies of Uttarakhand for the preparation of the Cleanliness Survey-2020. He said that Uttarakhand has a unique role due to the storage of clean water and air for the country. So we have to focus on cleanliness. Urban Development Minister Madan Kaushik said, change the major cleanliness of municipal bodies into political power. Many elections can be won by the work done on the cleanliness front. Joint Secretary Urban Development, Government of India DK Jindal said that a plastic-free campaign will be carried out across the country between September 14 and October 2.

Major announcements:

On getting plastic free, Rs 1 crore will be provided to the Municipal Corporation, Rs 75 lakh to the Municipality and Rs 50 lakh to the Nagar Panchayat.
One crore rupees will be given to the body coming in the first 100 cities of the Cleanliness Survey-2020.
The prize money will be tripled for the civic bodies that come in first, second and third place in the cleanliness rankings of Uttarakhand.

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