In Dehradun, on the occasion of Diwali, the Coronation Hospital will be on 24-hour high alert.

The burn, neuro and cardiac units have been asked to be prepared to deal with any emergency in the hospital. Apart from this, the beds of the surgical ward will be used if the beds are reduced in the emergency ward.

In view of Deepawali, preparations have been completed at the Coronation District Hospital. The Chief Medical Superintendent of the hospital, Dr. Manoj Upreti said that during Diwali, the cases of burns are the highest. Hence the burn unit is put on 24-hour alert. He told that the three surgeons of the hospital were also asked to be prepared.

All physicians, neuro surgeons and cardiologists will also be available 24 hours a day. Duty of support staff has also been put in rotation so that 24 hours patients can get immediate treatment. He said that there are 16 emergency beds in the hospital. The beds of the surgical ward will also be used as emergency if needed.

Children should celebrate Diwali under the supervision of elders:
Burn surgeon Dr. Kush Airon of Coronation District Hospital has issued an advisory regarding Deepawali. He appealed to the children not to celebrate Diwali alone. He said that children should celebrate Diwali only under the supervision of elders. Every year there are large-scale burn incidents and other accidents with children. Therefore, it is also the responsibility of the parents not to leave the children alone and keep a close watch on them.

108 ambulances will remain in eight places in the city:
108 ambulances will be deployed at eight locations in the city for any emergency during Dhanteras and Deepawali. GM Project Anil Sharma said that ambulances will be deployed at the main intersections in Survey Chowk, Ghantaghar, Jakhan, Raipur, Ballupur Chowk, Premnagar, Vidhan Sabha, Race Course. During this time all ambulances have been asked to be on alert mode.

Fire brigade will be stationed at 20 places for three days:
The fire department has made complete preparations to deal with any accident on Diwali. Firepower vehicles will stand at 20 places in the district till the day after Diwali. Along with this, tankers of Jal Sansthan will be deployed at 40 places for emergency.

Chief Fire Officer RS ​​Khati said that the fire department has coordinated with all the institutions of the city. ONGC, FRI, OFB, etc., will also be deployed in water tankers ie fire fighting vehicles in the city and surrounding areas. Eight of these places are from Dehradun city. Whereas, the rest will be deployed in Selakui, Rishikesh, Vikasnagar etc. The Jal Sansthan has been asked to keep water tankers standing at 40 places. So, water can be taken in an emergency.

CFO Khati said that NOC has been given to around 800 firecracker shops across the district. But, all with the condition that they will hold the sale till the stipulated time. Also, the fire department has appealed to the public to burn firecrackers within the time prescribed by the government. He informed that the fire brigade staff will be deployed and civil defense personnel will also be deployed at various places.

Fire brigade will be stationed here in the city:
– Dilaram Bazaar
– Clock tower
– Prem Nagar
– Dharampur
– Kotwali Nagar
– Sahasradhara crossing
– Saharanpur Chowk
– Peepal Mandi

Two places in Rishikesh Lajpat Rai Marg Tiraha, Mukherjee Road, Gandhi Chowk and Landor Chowk in Mussoorie, Main Bazaar, Sahaspur and Bhauwala in Selakui, Herbatpur in Vikasnagar, Vikasnagar Main Market, Dakpathar Square, Main Market in Doiwala, Three Fire Units in Tuni Bazaar Will be posted.

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