Number of tigers reached 252 in Corbett Tiger Reserve

The Corbett Tiger Reserve has grown to 21 tigers within two years. The number of tigers reached 252 in this year’s census, while 231 tigers were recorded in the 2018 census. The continuous increase in the number of tigers is clear that tigers in Corbett are being better protected.

The Corbett Tiger Reserve, which is playing an important role in tiger conservation, ranks first in all 50 tiger reserves across the country in terms of tiger population and density. There has also been a significant increase in the diet of tigers in Corbett. Tigers were counted in 2018.
The NTCA has shown 231 tigers in the Corbett Tiger Reserve, not including one to two year old cubs. When the tigers of the landscape are added, the number of tigers is 266. The fourth phase in the Corbett Tiger Reserve was counted in December-January, with 252 tigers recorded.
CM Trivendra Singh Rawat gave information about the number of 252 tigers and released the book late on Thursday. CTR Director Rahul said that in the current census, 109 tigers have been recorded in Corbett National Park 143 and Kalagarh Tiger Reserve.

There are 69 tigers, 48 ​​tigers and 26 tigers in Corbett National Park, records of which are not known to match or female. In the Kalagarh Tiger Reserve, 50 tigers, 43 tigers and 16 tigers have such records, which are not known to match or female. Thus there are 119 tigers, 91 tigers, 41 unidentified tigers in the entire Corbett Tiger Reserve, a total of 252 tigers are in the Corbett Tiger Reserve.


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