The number of students infected with Corona has increased to 89.

The number of Corona-infected students at IITs has been steadily increasing. After this, the institute administration has banned the return of the students who have gone home. At the same time, the number of Corona-infected students has now risen to 89 in the institute. All these students are being treated at the Covid Care Center.

Four hostels have been sealed due to an outbreak of Corona infection among students of IIT Roorkee. The number of corona-infected students continues to increase in daily investigations.

IIT’s media cell in-charge Sonika Srivastava said that all are undergoing treatment at Covid Care Center. Admission to home students has been banned in the institute. He said that students coming from outside will not be given admission till the situation becomes normal.

So far, 650 students have been investigated:
Currently, three thousand students are staying in hostels in IITs. Of these, 650 students have been coronated so far. The students who are showing symptoms, the same students are being tested.

As of now, all students, faculty, and staff who have been admitted to the institute have been taken Corona Negative Report, as per the rules of the institute.

Immunization centers also open in IITs:
The Health Department team also opened the vaccination center on the IIT campus. On the very first day, around 100 people were vaccinated with the corona. Indeed, the number of corona patients suddenly increased on the IIT campus.

Ankit Rana, the manager of the civil hospital, said that it is expected that gradually the number of vaccine users will increase here.

321 new corona patients found in Haridwar:
The second wave of corona in Dharmanagri Haridwar has started wreaking havoc. On Wednesday, health and fair administration was stirred up as Corona received 321 new patients. With the increase in the number of patients, the Containment Zone in the district has increased to four. Three Containment Zones are in Roorkee.

91 infected in Roorkee, one killed:
There has been a stir in the health department on 91 cases of Corona coming together in Roorkee on Wednesday. A day earlier, 51 people were found infected in the city. A corona-infected person has died in the Jhabrera area, while 91 patients were corona infected in the Roorkee area on Wednesday.

This includes patients from places like Mehvad Kala, Subhash Nagar, Solanipuram, Nehru Colony, BEG, State Colony, Civil Lines, Mathura Vihar, Shivam Vihar, New Bharat Nagar, Nand Vihar, Purvavali, Dhandera, etc. The problems of the health department have increased with the coming of 91 infections simultaneously. However, apart from the IITs, there is no such area where more patients have come together.

3264 people returned from the border:
Acting CMS of Civil Hospital, Dr. AK Srivastava said that the team of the Health Department is contacting the patients who came positive.

He said that no orders have been received yet to set up an isolation center in the Roorkee area. In such cases, the infected are being sent to Haridwar. On the other hand, a young man of Corona infected in Bhalswagaz of Jhabrera region died.

Sent people back from the border:
On Wednesday, 3264 people coming to take a bath in Haridwar Ganga without Covid negative report, and registration was sent back from the border. These people were riding on 567 vehicles.

On the Wednesday of the fair administration, checking and sampling was done on the boundaries of the Haridwar district. Covid tests were conducted for 8044 people without negative reports, in which seven positives were found. A total of 15762 persons were admitted from 2273 vehicles on the border.

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