Newly promoted inspectors are due for deployment soon.

According to headquarters, preparations for this are almost in the final stages. They will be ordered in some time. Along with this, after coming from the rule of PAC, the officers of PAC are also to be made Dal Nayak (Inspector).

Explain that two months ago, 88 civilians of the Civil Police were promoted to Inspector in relation to vacancies. His deployment remains as it is. Currently, two to three inspectors are present in each police station. Not only this, juniors and seniors are all in one place. In such a situation, there is a feeling of embarrassment among the inspectors and the inspectors. Earlier, the officials did not show an opinion about their deployment. Initially it was said that the headquarters would issue orders for their deployment, but after few days this responsibility was left to both the range offices. Despite this, two months passed but they could not be deployed. IG Personnel Police Headquarters Pushpak Jyoti said that the process of deployment of inspectors is going on. Orders in this regard will be issued within a few days. At present, orders are to be made by the headquarters only.

Manuals sent to the government for amendment:
Along with this promotion, the patients of PAC are also to be promoted. The rules have been sent to the government for amendment. IG told that soon this rule will come from the government. After this, the doctors of PAC will also be promoted. Told that this process may take one month.

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