During the Corona period, 67,824 new voters have been formed in the state.

Now the Election Department is going to conduct special voter campaign in November and December. On January 1, 2021, the youth completing the age of 18 can get their voter cards made under it. Apart from this, the voter ID can also be amended.

Chief Electoral Officer Saujanya in Secretariat Media Center said that the revised electoral list has been published. Now the objections will be heard by 15 December. He informed that special campaigns are being organized for new voters on November 28 and 29 and December 12 and 13.

Objections on this will be heard by January 5. The final voter list will be published on January 15. Such youth, who are completing 18 years of age on January 1, can also get their votes during this period. The final list for service voters will also be published on 15 January.

Voters increased during Corona period:
There are a total of 67,824 new voters in the state between February 7 and November 15. These include 31623 males, 36187 females and 14 others. 307 in Uttarkashi, 94 in Chamoli, 22 in Rudraprayag, 575 in Tehri, 18265 in Dehradun, 13522 in Haridwar, 1208 in Pauri, 1508 in Pithoragarh, 559 in Bageshwar, 2409 in Almora, 519 in Champawat, 9058 in Nainital, Udham Singh Nagar. Includes 19582 new voters.

Names of 37784 voters have also been removed from the voter list during this period. These include 197 in Uttarkashi, 165 in Chamoli, 89 in Rudraprayag, 1042 in Tehri, 11699 in Dehradun, 5511 in Haridwar, 1111 in Pauri, 1133 in Pithoragarh, 257 in Bageshwar, 217 in Almora, 398 in Champawat, 6468 in Nainital, Udham Singh. The city consists of 7542 voters.

93965 service voters:
According to the voter list published on November 16, there are 93965 service voters in the state. These include 3384 in Uttarkashi, 10439 in Chamoli, 5384 in Rudraprayag, 5792 in Tehri, 9817 in Dehradun, 2131 in Haridwar, 1631 in Pauri, 16241 in Pauri, 14538 in Pithoragarh, 4621 in Bageshwar, 7223 in Almora, 3033 in Champawat, 5422 in Nainital, Udham Singh. The city consists of 5940 service voters.

212 decrease in number of booths:
The number of booths in the state has also decreased. Actually, the Election Department is taking action to merge booths with less voters and increase the number of booths with more voters.

Five polling sites have been increased in Uttarkashi and three in Chamoli. While 89 polling places have been reduced in Dehradun, 94 in Haridwar, one each in Pithoragarh and Champawat, 13 in Nainital, 22 in Udham Singh Nagar. According to Chief Electoral Officer Saujanya, the process is currently in motion.

For which work, fill the form:
Form-6: To get votes
Form-8: To remove inaccuracy of name, photo or other details
Form-7: If a voter has shifted elsewhere or the voter has died, to remove his name
Form-8A: If the address of a voter has changed from one booth to another in the same assembly.

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