New rules for filing petitions have come into force in Uttarakhand High Court.

Detailed information about these new rules is given in the notification issued by the High Court Registrar General Dhananjay Chaturvedi on Friday.

These new rules have been implemented in the order issued by the High Court of Justice Lokpal Singh, two weeks ago by a single bench. In its order, the single bench had said in the petition for environmental protection that the paper should be used at least. According to the notification issued by the Registrar General, now the petitions, appeals, applications, affidavits and counter papers will have to be filed in A-4 size paper.

It is necessary to print on both sides of the paper. With petitions and other affidavits, there will be no need to attach copies of such gazette, mandates, manuals which are available on the Internet. The font size has also been prescribed for petitions, applications and others.

Apart from this, a prescribed format for filing a new case has been prepared. New suits will be filed in the same format. The time for filing the suit will be from 10 am to half past one in the afternoon. Rules have also been laid down to correct the deficiency in the petitions.

For the hearing of urgent matters, instead of giving the application to the Registry Office, it will be necessary to present the matter in front of the court in the morning. The court will decide the time for hearing the case at the same time. In addition, several new rules have been made in relation to the filing of petitions, witnesses and affidavits etc. Further, Allahabad High Court Rules 1952 applicable in Uttarakhand High Court will remain unchanged.

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