This New Missile of China can cause worldwide destruction, what is its specialty!

Neighboring China Tuesday showed the strength of its weapons to the world on the 70th anniversary of Communist rule. The military parade featured destructive missiles, tanks, drones and weapons destroying the world. Not only this, Dragon also displayed hypersonic-glide missile for the first time. Defense experts believe that China has become so powerful in the race for destructive weapons that it is no longer the power of the US to deal with it. Let us know how deadly the weapons that China has tested and how much destruction can be caused in the world. Till now it was believed that America and Russia are the only countries in the world whose missiles have no match. However, China displayed the intercontinental ballistic missile DF-41 for the first time in its military parade, showing that in the race for the world’s Dadagiri, it can also beat the US and Russia. As far as the DF-41 is concerned, it is capable of hitting up to 15 thousand kilometers. Not only this, the palace can attack the US nuclear in 30 minutes. Its firepower is believed to be the highest of all missiles ever built on earth.

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